About The Author


The Runaway Writer is a fictional story of a girl Maya. Her chaotic life and confused soul is the theme of the story. This story is not a paperback and is solely a property of the Author.


The Runaway Writerrr is the first online story site of the Writer of the story. Well yeah that’s me!

Ashmita Chatterjee!!! y’all must’ve read my name on the Chaotic Soul. This is the story that i used to write there. I thought of sorting out the things even more. So here I am with a New Blog for Maya, The Runaway Writerrr.


More about the Blogger-Writer:

Ashmita Chatterjee is a full-fledged Mumbai Bengali Girl who has larger than life dreams for herself. Her life has twists-n-turns at every random second, and right now she is habitual to it.

She is a typical Bengali girl who is loud and sophisticated at the same time. Her sophistication at times gets on nerves of the other psychos who are a part of her life. She can sneeze and yawn with her mouth closed if she has to show the real sophistication.

She is multi-talented, she can sleep and cry and dream at the same time. Like all the other Bengalis she has a sweet tooth.

She sneaks into the kitchen to steal the fish fry that her mom has made.

She is a compulsive worrier.

She is addicted to Online Shopping and Food.


Something more About Me!

I am wholly and solely a Mumbaikar. (This means if anyone tells me that my native is Kolkata – I get pissed off – My native is Mumbai, my home is Mumbai!)

I’m 23 and I’m not looking for a guy to get married to right now (all the good Bengali kakis and mamis – this one goes for you’ll. Please don’t bring any suitable match for me.)

I’m a Commerce Graduate and a Mortgage Underwriter by profession. What? Just because the big underwriters and commerce people are not known for their style and writing abilities, doesn’t mean I can’t be!!!

I hate the concept of Standard Education in India. I believe that Dance and Cooking is also Education just as Science and Commerce is.

My work involves some serious calculations and an eye to point out the error.

I am a corporate slave, who works all night and keeps eating whenever get time from some serious calculations.




This work purely belongs to Ashmita Chatterjee. There is no paperback yet for this blog/story. No Plagiarism would be tolerated. ANy one has any issues with the content of the blog or story, please leave the page as this story is passionate. Passion is the essence of it.


3 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Dear Ashmita,
    You are an amazing writer. How did you master the English language since I assume English is your second or third language. I am very impressed with your descriptive and meaningful style of writing. In addition, you are very horny.
    regards, Dido

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